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Hello There!! Welcome to my Website.

I'm Saashaa Agaskar. I was born in Goregaon, Bombay, India on the 20th of October 1999.
At the time this Website was first uploaded I was exactly Six months old. I'm just over One year, Six months now and this is the second version of my site ( Uploaded on 27th. April 2001).

The newlook has many new features like my yearbook, my events log, recent photos, and an all new desktop calendar.

My Parents are maintaining this Site until I'm able to takeover. In an effort to gather more & more friends for me on the Web, this Site is also being used to display my Photographs & Growth Chart to all our Relatives & Family friends who have access to the Internet.

My Website also contains my Special Desktop Collages in 640 X 480 pxls. sizes which you can use as your Desktop pictures.

I'd appreciate if you could send in your Info & Comments on this Site by filling up the small form and in turn get added to my Friends List.

Thanx! Hope to be with you personally in a few years!!

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